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Exoteric Trauma

To know or not to know, that is the question!


Vascillating fuel prices, food "shortages", tanking economy, the public raping and pillaging by the banking cartels, rumours of war, unemployment, increased police brutality and surveillance, talk of Martial Law, epidemics- just a bad situation?, normal up/down cycles?, bum luck?, it's life-get over it?

If that's as far as it goes for you then you definitely need to read on.
Does the idea of living in a totalitarian world state where your every living moment is monitored and controlled by your 'betters' appeal to you? If it doesn't then use what time you have to get informed. Brave New World was not a story it was a blueprint.


This site is a work in progress

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Sleepers Awake! 

To know or not to know, that is the question.

Welcome to this website, a portal into the Rabbit hole of the 'Matrix'

The intention of this site is to provide a fast and clear introduction to the concepts and researchers, many having put their lives on the line, who bring to light information that continues to be buried, denied, lampooned, mis-quoted, and banned.

What could be so dangerous?

What could have very powerful people and interests so concerned?

What if most of what we've been told, been taught and believed to be true wasn't?

What if the institutions of information, education, research, entertainment, business, defense and politics were all part of the problem and rarely the solution?

What if there was a “hidden-hand” working over the centuries to create, mold, and control the world and its peoples?

Paranoia, scare-mongering, delusion?

You be the jury and judge for yourself.

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

From Hamlet (I, v, 166-167)



This site's purpose is to help the average person who is unfamiliar with the information and concepts covered here to educate themselves and to explore the other links and researchers who go into much greater depth and substantiation. Everything listed in these pages has been researched by those found in the 'Links' page so, don't shoot the messengers, read, think, and research some more; then come to a conclusion.

Disclaimer: Exoteric Trauma is not affiliated with or sponsored by any religious group, business or  political party. We do not take responsibility for the veracity of the material presented other than to state that all attempts are made at verifying included information and editorial comments are presented as such. 


The Scoop

What's it all about? Take the following 'study' by one of the main Elite movers in the Global EnSlavement Agenda. These folks like to brag about their plans and agendas because they don't believe the Sheeple will ever do anything about it. Read this and then explore the site. It's is not conspiracy theory it's about conspiracy facts.

Rockefeller Study Outlines “Doom Decade”: Life For All But Super Wealthy Will Be Hell On Earth
(Terror attacks, natural disasters and a surveillance security crackdown)

The following nightmare future is envisaged by a recent Rockefeller Foundation study which describes a global dictatorship tightly controlled by the world’s elite and super rich.

The Rockefeller blueprint for a new world order entitled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development,” predicts four future narratives.

One narrative in particular, “Hack Attack” outlines a scenario in which Technology is demonized as a criminal weapon prevalent in a world where civilization has all but collapsed.

“Devastating shocks like September 11, the Southeast Asian tsunami of 2004, and the 2010 Haiti earthquake had certainly primed the world for sudden disasters. But no one was prepared for a world in which large-scale catastrophes would occur with such breathtaking frequency.” the report states.

“The years 2010 to 2020 were dubbed the “doom decade” for good reason: the 2012 Olympic bombing, which killed 13,000, was followed closely by an earthquake in Indonesia killing 40,000, a tsunami that almost wiped out Nicaragua, and the onset of the West China Famine, caused by a once-in-a-millennium drought linked to climate change.” it continues.

The study envisages nation states all over the world literally losing control of their public finances and the ability to retain order and stability with “violence and crime more rampant”. It also envisions global coordination and interconnectedness between nations breaking down altogether to be replaced by proxy wars and low level conflict.

“By 2030, the distinction between “developed” and “developing” nations no longer seemed particularly descriptive or relevant.” the report states.

The only ones able to prosper in such an environment (surprise surprise) are the global elite and the super wealthy:

“The global have/have-not gap grew wider than ever. The very rich still had the financial means to protect themselves; gated communities sprung up from New York to Lagos, providing safe havens surrounded by slums. In 2025, it was de rigueur to build not a house but a high-walled fortress, guarded by armed personnel.” the report states.

As a backdrop to this chaos, the study attacks advanced technology, in particular the internet, depicting it as a tool for criminals and terrorists:

“Technology hackers were also hard at work. Internet scams and pyramid schemes plagued inboxes. Meanwhile, more sophisticated hackers attempted to take down corporations, government systems, and banks via phishing scams and database information heists, and their many successes generated billions of dollars in losses.” the study prophesies.

“The internet is overrun with spam and security threats and becomes strongly associated with illicit activity — especially on “dark webs” where no government can monitor, identify, or restrict activities.” the report states elsewhere.

Of course, the solution to fight such envisioned evils is to implement a highly sophisticated surveillance security system:

“Identity-verification technologies become a staple of daily life, with some hitches — a database of retina recordings stolen by hackers in 2017 is used to create numerous false identities still “at large” in the mid-2020s.”

“The positive effects of the mobile and internet revolutions were tempered by their increasing fragility as scamming and viruses proliferated, preventing these networks from achieving the reliability required to become the backbone of developing economies — or a source of trustworthy information for anybody.” the study outlines.

The message here is clear, the internet revolutionized global communication and enhanced the spread of knowledge, yet it is in its current form uncontrollable, and as such constitutes a great danger to the only ones who can continue to prosper in this nightmare new world order; the global elite.

While communication technology is demonized, other so called advances, such as genetically modified crops are lauded as progressive, despite being mired in controversy in today’s world. The study envisages the by now decimated poorer classes actually benefiting from “backyard and garage activities” including the mass production of GMO foods.

However, the report draws the line on such technological advances when it comes to the production of cheaper medicines and vaccinations, which it intimates will be deadly if allowed to be mass produced outside of elite control.

This study is not a work of dystopian fiction. It has not been written for entertainment value. This is what the Rockefeller Foundation and the elite Global Business Network envisage unfolding in the new world order. This study is deadly serious, and those involved with it’s funding and publication are not playing games.

Furthermore, the scenarios outlined in the report are not simply falling into place naturally, they are being actively implemented. Economic collapse and authoritarian social control are being fomented in front of our eyes by design.

The self correcting free market has been strangled and snuffed out by a combination of government intervention and offshore bankster looting of the planet’s wealth. As this situation continues to worsen, without meaningful corrective action, it is not difficult to imagine the social unrest we are already witnessing becoming global in its scope.

The report compliments these conditions with propaganda and fearmongering over climate change and natural disasters, as well as huge terror attacks.

It takes the overriding agenda of elite social engineers and places it into a not too distant future as a way of normalizing the prospects it outlines. As the report notes in it’s introduction, the scenarios outlined “allow us to imagine, and then to rehearse, different strategies for how to be more prepared for the future — or more ambitiously, how to help shape better futures ourselves.”      Steve Watson, Prisonplanet.com


Chemtrail Crimes
Unless you live in a Cave you know that your friendly skies aren't so friendly anymore. Our governments in cahoots with the dark agencies and the elites are letting plane loads of aerosol toxins to be sprayed over every country on the planet, all under the cover of official silence. Except that is if you believe the geo-engineering line that it's necessary to spray to stop global warming.

Now this little fact is unfortunately lost on the vast majority of people who don't pay attention or aren't going to get caught up in any of that "conspiracy" nonsense.

One question to be asked is not the obvious one of "why?", we know that answer, it is what are the poly-ticians and the chemtrail pilots thinking when this goes on?
Do they believe they are super-human, that they're immune to the effects of these toxins on their bodies, are they just so greedy and power obsessed that they don't even think about it?

We've all read stories about the Nazi's that were just "doing their jobs" during WWII. This eclipses even those crimes as this is indiscriminate "murder" of everyone and everything, everywhere. Chemtrail pilots you are criminals, plain and simple, and are accessories to murder. Do you think you, your friends, your families, your neighbours are somehow miraculously going to escape breathing and being exposed to these agents you are dropping on the world at large? Poly-ticians, same for you, we know you're not the brightest candles in the house but are you insane, psychopathic, or harbouring a deep death-wish?

Check this link for an excellent description of Chemtrails.

Internet Alert
As many of you are aware the 'web' has become the preeminent source of 'real' news and uncensored opinion/discussion as opposed to the corporate BS machine. Unfortunatley even our so-called public radio now sounds exactly the same as the corporate stuff and acts as a government spin machine. The globalists have witnessed a number of their pet projects shot down thanks to the web; false flags, "swine" flu, global warming etc. They know that a free web is dangerous if not deadly to their agenda and are now moving quickly to clamp down on the most important vehicle for 'truth' that we have in this world. The recently passed Cyber-Security bill in the US along with the selective blocking of contentious sites recently in New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Italy, France are just a harbinger of what's in store. A 'license' to use the web, bio-metric identification for log-on and other draconian measures will reduce the internet down to a virtual copy of the corporate media and disinfo machine we have today. We have to say NO, and more than that we need some of these bright hackers and geeks to come up with a way to keep the freedom train running.
Beautiful, beautiful Copenhagen, where the New World Order agenda they were floggin'
Global WarmingTM/Climate Change Scam Alert
The past Copenhagen climate change summit was nothing other than a rubber stamping of the elite's agenda for total world government under the guise of environmental protection.  Massive taxes and the great carbon trading scam go hand in hand with payments to the IMF and more, yes more money to the very banking families and cartels who already have more money than they could possibly use in a thousand years. Our governments and unfortunately the ever cooperative media and mind-controlled environmental groups are going along with it. This scam is brilliant in it's covert usurping of something vital and meaningful, the environment, to achieve a totalitarian prison planet run by the very elite's and ultra-wealthy who have perpetuated the problems in the first place. 
Swine Flu Alert!
(Watch for 'H1N1-2010' the sequel, coming soon to Mass Media near you.)

Unless you have been living in a cave in a remote part of the world you are aware of the current hype going around about the H1N1 virus. As more and more information gets out about not only the genesis of the disease but the players and the agendas it becomes clear that this is a global scam and New World Order trial run that eclipses any bank bailout or "terrorist" event. Quite simply the vaccines appear to be bio-weapons and all the familiar faces are behind the program and the immense profits to be made from the sales of millions of doses of the poison. You owe it to yourself, family and friends to get up-to-speed on this obscene plan.

www.theflucase.com         www.fluscam.com  
www.drcarely.com           www.drmercola.com

Jane Burgermeister Interview on Vaccinations


Dr. Rebecca Carley-A public talk on vaccines and their dangers





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